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best surfboard wax

Surfboard wax or surf wax is a natural and synthetic wax formulation that is applied to the deck of your board. And this is a known fact that how important a surfboard wax is for all levels of surfer especially if you are a beginner. As it provides grip and control over your board and prevents you from slipping while riding the wave. So if you are looking for best surfboard wax, you should know few things about it.

Here are a few points you should look at before buying a surfboard wax

Stickiness: Well every surfboard wax is sticky but what I am emphasizing here is, a good surfboard wax should be enough sticky to last for a relatively long time. So that you don’t need to stop your fun in the middle to wax your board again and again.

Easily Removable: Removing wax can be time-consuming and frustrating. So better to use quality surfboard wax and WAX remover to remove WAX easily after surfing.

Temperature: You should buy Surfwax which are compatible with your water temperature. As if the water is colder than wax’s cold limit, it will become hard and won’t provide the stickiness you need to hold on the board. On the other hand, if the water temperature is too hot with respect to your WAX, it may melt. So temperature is a very important factor to keep in mind while buying a wax.    

 Smell: Last but not the least it should smell good, otherwise, it will give a very awkward feeling while surfing.

Best surfboard wax brand

There are many surfboard wax brands available in the market, check here. Some are popular and some are less popular and known, but the one who is shining in the surfing world is “Sticky Bumps surfboard wax” due to its diversity in products. So here I have listed few of them and their best usages.

Popular sticky bumps waxes are:

All the products of sticky bumps are mainly temperature specific

Sticky bumps basecoat: It is a base layer that has to be put before waxing with any of the wax mentioned below. So that your wax can last and perform better. The base coat is for all temperature.

Sticky bumps – warm: This wax is designed for hot temperature, a temperature from 17°C/64°F-24°C/74°F.

Sticky bumps warm-top: This wax is designed to surf in 20°C/68°F. But you can still manage from 19°C/66°F to 21°C/69°F.

Sticky bumps tour series cool –cold: This wax is suitable for 20°C/68°F or below.

Sticky bumps cool.: This wax is suitable for 14°C/57°F-19°C/66°F

Sticky bumps cold.: This wax is suitable for 15°C/59°F and below

Apart from Sticky bumps, you can also go for Santa Barbara Surfing WAX. Their products are also very popular among surfers.

Popular Santa Barbara Surfing WAX

Just like Sticky bumps Santa Barbara Surfing has four popular WAXES. Based on temperature. Also, these are a bit less expensive than sticky bumps.   

Double Barrel Base coat: Usages of base coat is same mentioned above and for all temperature.

Double Barrel WARM: This formulation is the best choice for 17°C/64°F to 24°C/74°F water.

Double Barrel COOL: This formulation is the best choice for 14°C/58°F to 20°C/68°F water.

Double Barrel COLD: This formulation is the best choice for 17°C/64°F and below water.

How to wax surfboard

Many surfers don’t really follow any specific rules to wax their board. But we recommend to follow the below guidelines to get the best result of waxing.

Step 1: Clean the board – The very first step is to clean your board. You can use a WAX COMB to stripe away your old wax.  After that, you will notice that some of your old wax still left over, use WAX REMOVER to get a clean finish.

Step 2: Applying Basecoat – After cleaning the board the next job is to apply basecoat in circular motion, back and forth from rail to rail and from nose to tail .

Step 3: Determine the temperature of water – Next is to determine the temperature of water where you are gonna  surf ,based on that select your proper sticky bumps wax formula .

Step 4: Applying wax – Now apply your wax with light pressure from nose to tail and rail to rail.

Step 5: Bingo! Your board is now ready for fun!


Hope you have learned a lot about waxing so far. Even though we have mentioned only sticky bumps and Santa Barbara surf wax still you can go more extra miles with other surfboard wax as well.  No matter what surfboard wax you buy to make sure it is a quality wax and capable of providing maximum comfort, grip and obviously fun.

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