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Best surfboard wall racks

Best surfboard wall racks

Surfing ain’t just an adventure or a water sports rather it’s a series of memories and feelings for a true surfer. So when you look at your surfboards hanging in your wall racks, laying one after another, sometimes it flashbacks you to the day one, when you first step forward into the ocean. As you start growing in the surfing world, you start to hang out with many of your new surfboards and by the passage of time, each one of them becomes a memory usually kept on your racks. So just like your surfboards, surfboard wall racks also plays a vital role with your surfing life.

Choosing a right wall rack for your surfboard is not always easy, but hopefully, with this little piece of conversation, it won’t be a headache anymore. 

Things you should Consider When you buy a surfboard wall rack

  1. Material: Surfboard wall racks are generally found either wooden or metal type. Wooden surfboard wall Racks looks awesome, as the stained wood truly gives you a royal look when you mount them on your wall. Most of these wooden type racks are made up of multilayered pressurized or sustainable wood. So if you get the right one, they are also very durable. Color fading, rusting is not the case here. On the other hand, metal surfboard wall racks are generally made up of steel and strong enough to hold heavyweight surfboards. Even though they don’t have attractive looks as the wooden type has, still they are very popular in the market due to their durability and capacity to hold multiple surfboards at a time.
  2. Types of board you can keep: As you move forward on your surfing life, you may not have the same size of boards all the time. So a good surfboard wall rack should have the flexibility to keep different size, shapes, and weight of boards so that you don’t have to invest over and over again.
  3. Capacity: with regards to the capacity both wooden and metal wall racks comes with single arm and multi-arm. As the term sound’s, single arm surfboard wall rack is capable of keeping one surfboard at a time properly but many of us create a mess by keeping more than one board which doesn’t look good at all. Whereas multi-arm surfboard wall racks can hold multiple boards at a time depending on its arm count. Also, a multi-arm rack saves more space on your wall as you don’t have to keep you surfboards vertically.  
  4. The protective layer on arms: A very important thing which many people forget to care while buying a surfboard wall rack. Without protective layers on arms, it will damage the surfboard while using it. So a good quality and durable protective layer on arms are always recommended.
  5. Ease Installation: I always recommend to our readers to buy those surfboard wall racks which are easy to install and easy to relocate if required.
  6. Looks: And last but not the least point from my side is to keep in mind that no matter what surfboard wall rack you buy, It should give you an answer to a million $ question “how it will look on my wall ?”. When I say looks it just doesn’t mean the looks of the rack, it also means an overall look of your wall when all of your surfboards are in place. So generally you can keep surfboards in three ways in your racks, fully vertical, partially vertical and fully horizontal. So choose your wall rack the way you like the most.

Top 5 Wooden Surfboard Wall Rack List

  3. Cor Surf Triple | 3 Board Surfboard Bamboo Surf Rack  >> Check Price 

Top 5 Metal Surfboard Wall Rack List

  2. T-RAX SURFBOARD WALL RACK  >> Check Price

Top 5  Wooden Surfboard wall rack reviews

Beatnik Trading Hand Carved Mermaid Tail Surfboard Wall Racks – Large

Our impression: A good looking surfboard wall rack, looks like a Mermaid Tail having beautiful wooden furnish with double key-hole mounts that can survive a better weight. This one arm rack comes in pair and is capable enough to hold a longboard or shortboard   

 Type: Wooden/single-surf storage 


Material: Made up of solid wood will be durable

Safe: This surfboard wall rack comes with rubber striping to protect the surfboard edge from getting damaged or scratched. A wooden peg at the end of the tail prevent surfboards from falling

Look: This rack has a tremendous royal look will make you as your board is kept in a museum


I found it difficult to keep my longboard with fins towards the wall, you may face the same. But with short boards or if the fins are towards the outside or removed then it’s perfectly fine.

Final verdict: If you are looking for a great showpiece in the form of a surfboard wall rack, this piece will be a great buy. If anyone from your friends & families is surer than this could be an awesome gift for a birthday present.

Hawaiian Gun Rack Surfboard wall rack

Our impression: Another good wall rack constructed with pressurized multi-layered wood. It can hold up to 30 lbs. and two stripes have been made in each arm with recycled cork and neoprene padding in both arms to protect the board’s edge and a wooden peg at the tail for holding the board perfectly 

Type: Wooden/single-surf storage.


Strong: Multi-layered pressurized wood makes it strong and durable

Perfectly fits with wall: “J” shape architecture of this wall rack keeps the board close to the wall at a very nice angle

Easy Installation: This rack is very easy to install


Shortboard or longboard you can’t place fins towards the wall.

Final verdict: Compact, durable good looks overall an extraordinary buy and value for money.

Cor Surf Triple | 3 Board Surfboard Bamboo Surf Rack

Our impression: This is a multi-arm wooden surfboard rack capable of holding 3 long or short boards at a time. Its beautiful construction of dark stained wood or solid bamboo gives a unique extraordinary look you can ever imagine. You can also remove the middle arm if required to fit two boards.  It has a soft rubber strip to protect the boards from scratches and dings.

Type: Wooden/Multi-surf storage 


Capacity:  It can hold up to 3 shortboards or longboard at a time

Cost:  cost is relatively less


Arm size: Please watch the product dimension. The arm size little bit shorter to fit wide board’s

Final verdict: A great piece of art for surfers, if you are looking for something that can make your boards as a showpiece, this one is best to buy. But one thing you should keep in mind that it’s arm size is a little bit shorter, so make sure you check the product dimension and match with your boards before you go for the buy.

COR Surf Surfboard Wall Rack for Long Boards and Short Boards

Our impression: A very popular wooden surfboard wall rack, made up of solid rubberwood tree which makes it more sustainable as compared to its other competitors. Its dark-stained furnish is impeccable. Like other single armed wall racks, this one is also designed to fit only one surfboard, even though many find a room for another but it’s not recommended. It also has a protective rubber strip in arms to protect your board from scratches. Simple design gives you a great look and makes a perfect showpiece for both indoor and outdoor.

Type: Wooden/single-surf storage


Quality: Very good quality wood maintained by Cor Surf. This can hold any surfboard even a heavy bulky longboard is not a big deal with this rack.

Easy Installation: Due to its simple design it’s super easy to install, you just need to find the stud in the wall and you are good to go

Cor surf service: This product is from cor surf and they have very good service delivery particularly if your rack is damaged while shipping


Rough using can peel or crack the protective rubber strip. So be careful about that.

Final verdict: A wonderful quality buy within the budget. Its durability, strength and looks definitely make you happy in all aspects what you are thinking of. Strongly recommended.

Hawaiian Gun Rack – Surfboard Vertical Wall Rack

Our impression: A very unique wooden surfboard wall rack of its kind, very strong and stable your surfboard will be placed vertically which gives you a feeling of a museum wall. It has come with two wall pegs to hold the upper part of your surfboard. The maximum weight it can hold is up to 40 lbs. Its Cork/neoprene padding helps you to protect your board from getting scratched.

 Type: Wooden/single-surf storage 


Acquire less space: It looks great on any wall and relatively acquires less spare due to the vertical position of surfboard

Looks: It looks great on your wall; your surfboard will appear like floating in the ocean.

Stable: keeps the surfboard very much stable, if you can fix the upper peg and rack properly

Unique design: This one is very unique in its design, apart from the vertical positioning of a surfboard; you can place the fins towards the wall.


Cost: This piece is a little bit costly

Final verdict: This one is my favorite among all one arm wooden racks. If you have less space to keep your surfboard horizontally and still wanna great museum looks with stability and durability, this one is the best choice of all. We strongly recommend you to go for it if money is not a problem.

Top 5 Metal Surfboard Wall Rack Reviews

Surf Board Storage Wall Rack by Zero Gravity Racks

Our Impression: Perfectly designed for urban living. Its design looks and technology is unparallel. Though it won’t give you a museum type looks, its features will give you an awesome satisfaction. Its hydraulic system help to lift your heavy board easily. It can hold up 50 lbs. It is very space efficient as it uses the ceiling space of your home, apartment or garage. Its solid metal construct, patented gas strut system, and easy installation make this board unique of its kind.

 Type: Metal/ can be both single-surf and multi-surf storage

Pros: Space efficient: By using your ceiling space it saves tons of space in your home, apartment or garage. Easy lifting: its patented gas strut system helps you to lift your heavy boards easily. Easy Installation: very easy to install also comes with all Zero Gravity mounting kit

Cons: Cost: it’s a bit costly as compare to other surfboard wall racks and its competitors.

Final verdict: Though a bit costly but it’s a great buy. If you’re looking for something which is space efficient and you don’t want your kids to mess up with your boards. It’s a good choice to go.

T-Rax Surfboard Wall Rack

Our Impression: A perfect multi-arm metal surfboard wall rack made up of solid thick aluminum. You can well organize all of your boards perfectly. The rack is capable of holding up to 4 boards. Its arms are angled up at 15-degree gives you a horizontal look and still prevent surfboards from falling. Due to aluminum construction rusting is not the case here.

Type: Metal/multi-surf storage


Capacity: can hold up to 4 long and short boards and each rack have more than enough space to hold the most type of boards along with their fins.

Strong: This rack is very strong and durable Safe: Each arm rod is covered with black foam padding to keep your board from getting damaged.


Handling: Be careful while keeping and removing your surfboards from this rack otherwise the side edge may get scratched.

Final verdict: Another nice metal surfboard wall racks of its kind, if you looking for something strong enough to hold your surfboards (particularly longboard ) this one will be a great buy.

Reef Racks Quadruple Surfboard Wall Rack         

Our Impression: This surfboard is Made of 6061 T6 aluminum alloy, which gives you a great finishing with no rust, rot, splinter or corrodes. Each arm rods has 9″ spacing which keeps your heavy longboards easily with fins.

Type: Metal/multi-surf storage


Flexible in capacity: This surfboard wall rack is very flexible in size comes with Double: 9″ long, Triple: 18″ long, Quad: 27″ long, Penta: 36″ long and Hexa: 45″ long and each rack have enough space to hold the most type of boards along with their fins.

Strong: The construction of aluminum alloy makes this rack is extremely strong, durable and good finishing.

Safe: Its high-quality foam padding keeps your board safe.

Easy installation: This rack is very much easy to install

Cons: Like T-RAX wall rack the foam padding doesn’t extend up to sidebars so be nice while keeping and removing your surfboards from this rack otherwise the side edge may get scratched.

Final verdict: Comes with many size variations. Extraordinary in its looks and durability. If you have multiple long board or short board and looking for a cost-effective buy, this will be a great option for you. Strongly recommended, to go for it.

StoreYourBoard Surf Wall Rack

Our Impression: A very popular surfboard wall rack from StoreYourBoard made up of steel. It can hold up to 3 surfboards and max up to 75 lbs. Its extra thick foam padding on arms keeps your surfboards safe and good. The arms can easily be removed with a push pin to save space when you are not using it.

Type: Metal/multi-surf storage.


Durable: The rack is very strong and durable due to its steel construction.

Cost: probably the best surfboard wall rack under $100.

Safe: The extra thick foam pad gives you safety for your loved surfboard.

Easy installation: Comes with all mounting hardware and installation instruction to make it easy to install or relocate.

Cons: Like few above with this wall rack handle your surfboards with care to avoid any scratched on the edges.

Final verdict: Another best surfboard wall rack for urban living, it is space efficient and perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. A great option under $100.

EasyGo Surfboard Wall Rack

Our Impression: A great single surfboard rack built with premium quality aluminum. So forget the problem of rusting. Its soft felt padding is very good to protect your surfboard edge. The design gives you an impressive look for your long bard and perfect for any of your room.

Type: Metal/single-surf storage


Good Material: Premium grade aluminum metal makes this rack very strong and durable

Safe: Its soft felt padding prevents your surfboard from getting scratched and damaged

Easy to install: This rack comes with its minting hardware and super easy to install.

Cost: Its very cost efficient

Cons: The width from the wall to the edge is bit narrow. So you may face a bit problem while keeping board which is 10 feet or more in size.

Final verdict: If you are looking for a single-surf storage rack, which is durable, strong and cheap. This one is the best of all for you.


Where to buy surfboard wall rack? You can head to a surf shop where you can buy surfboard wall rack, but the best option is online as in any eCommerce site, you will find a verity of brands and plenty of variations at your fingers tips, with many user reviews.    

What type of surfboard Wall racks should I buy? It depends on your wall space and the number of boards if you have single board one arm racks are enough if you have more than one surfboard one arm racks still have a good choice if you have enough space otherwise you can go for a multi-arm wall rack.   

Do I need to buy a separate wall rack for my shortboard and longboard? Not necessarily, as many surfboard wall racks are multiple purposes. Multi-arm surfboard wall racks are a good choice if you have more than one surfboard. You just need to check the rack dimension to identify whether it will be fit for your both long & shortboard.

What to do if the rubber strip peels from arms? You don’t need to through your wall rack out of your home just because the rubber strips fall apart, get an old bike tube from your garage or storeroom cut it into the same size and shape as the rubber strip was and paste it with good glue and leave it for drying for awhile and you are good to go.     

How to install a surfboard wall rack? Locate your studs with the help of a stud finder. Mark the center. Drill a pilot hole with a drill machine. Attach the first rack with mounting screws. Maintaining the same level with the first rack and repeat the same steps for the second rack and you are good to go.

If you aren’t confident enough in that case we suggest to hire a professional to do the same for you.


Surfboard wall racks ain’t just racks for keeping your boards sequentially rather it’s a part your home interior or exterior. So choosing the right one is very important as you can see there are few pitfalls to look at before making your buy, whatever we have discussed so far hope this will help you a lot find your best surfboard wall rack. If you have any suggestion for us please write to us in blog/comment section, we will be happy to look at it and update you.

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