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best men’s boardshorts under $100

best men’s boardshorts under $100

Boardshorts are a very popular form of beachwear nowadays. Interestingly the term itself relates to Aquatic boards, such as surfboard or paddleboard etc. But the uses ages are just beyond the surfing or paddling. Like boardshorts are typically used for beach volleyball or as a normal beachwear. Due to competing brands around the market people usually, get confused what & how to choose a boardshorts.

But don’t worry helping & simplicity that’s what we do in, Stay tuned to this article.

Things you should check while buying a boardshorts

There are a couple of things you should consider while buying a Boardshorts. We have listed a few of them

  1. Quick drying: Generally, boardshorts are designed by keeping in mind that it should dry quickly. And are made up of either polyester or nylon. Both are lightweight synthetic fiber and each are having unique quality Nylon is softer and stronger than polyester but polyester is faster in drying. So, we prefer polyester boardshorts over nylon.
  2. Waistband Material: A boardshort has waistband open at the front side either Velcro fly or neoprene fly both are okay. But if you wear boardshorts without underwear or bikini it is more recommended to buy which is having neoprene fly to avoid entangled with pubic hair.
  3. Waistband Type: Generally, Waistband is two types, normal & thermo-regulating. Thermo-regulating cools the skin by reducing the ambient temperature of the fabric against the wearer’s body also wicks moisture away from the skin helping keep the wearer dry and comfortable when active
  4. Material & it’s quality: As we have mentioned earlier polyester is a good choice for boardshorts. But still, the matter stuck with quality. As you know all brands gives polyester but the percentage of polyester often differs. So, look for a higher percentage of polyester used in boardshorts.
  5. Size: The wrong size can really make you unhappy. And it is a little bit difficult to find or match the correct size, especially while buying online. Here we have shared an industry standard size chart to ease your problem.
General Size  Waist Measurement (in inches)
Small 28
Medium 32
Large 36
X Large 40
XX Large 44

Top 5 men’s boardshorts under $100

 1. O’Neill Men’s Hyper Freak Hydro Board Short

  • Made up of 91% Polyester and 9% Elastane
  • Thermo-regulating cooling waistband
  • welded Hyper seams give comfort and fit, eliminating abrasion and rash.

Our Impression: Great combination of polyester & Elastane with Thermo-regulating cooling waistband, Welded Hyper seam technology for best fit & comfort. Probably the best boardshort you can get for yourself under $100.

2. Rip Curl Men’s Mirage Mf Focus Boardshort

  • Made up of 91% Polyester and 9% Spandex
  • Side zip pocket
  • Normal waistband

Our Impression: Just like O’Neill Men’s Hyper Freak this one is also having a great combination of Polyester & Elastane. It has a normal type waistband which most of the brands have. Also include a small size zip pocket to keep your car or room key safely. We believe a fantastic choice under $100

3. Volcom Men’s Macaw Mod Boardshort, Airforce Blue, 32

  • Made up of 92% Polyester and 8% Elastane (46 percent reprieve polyester, 46 percent polyester, 8 polyester elastane).
  • Back flap pocket
  • Comfortable 4-way stretch fabric

Our Impression: Excellent amount of polyester good for quick drying. 4-way stretch fabric makes it very comfortable. But back flap pocket is not that much usable. But will be an excellent buy from quick-dry prospective under $100.

4. Billabong Men’s Tribong X Stretch Boardshort

  • Made up of 87% Polyester and 13% Elastane
  • Heat regulating waistband.
  • Comfortable 4-way stretch fabric
  • Back flap pocket.

Our Impression: 87% polyester is not a bad choice for quick drying, however, this one also has a heat regulating waistband which is very much needed when you are active with it for a long time. Overall a good choice for such a less price.

5. Hurley Mens Phantom JJF II 21″ Boardshorts

  • Made up of 86% recycled polyester and 14% spandex
  • Comfortable 4-way stretch fabric

Our Impression: Highly comfortable, also quick dry. The color stripes and material qualities are excellent. We believe a great choice for looks while serving the purpose at the same time.

Conclusion: buying a boardshorts is very easy if you know the few terms related to it, which we have tried our level best to portrait through this article. If you have any suggestion to improve our article please comment us, we shall update the same. Thanks for reading up to the bottom.

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